Monday, 9 September 2013


 I think many of us have never heard of this term, it is unusual because it is not yet used in our righteousness, justice or any European.
  A group of environmentalists has created a petition to gather one million signatures in order to be voted in Brussels that a law in which the ecocide term is a legal term in justice.
  So any large-scale anthropogenic impact on nature at least at European level, and which would be a big step for a worldwide application of the term as a legal concept.

From: on 03/09/2013 
  It would be a form of power blaming arsonists eg, companies that release pollutants into water columns, among others which will lead to greater protection of the environment throughout Europe, because the idea is to condemn any man-made ​​environmental degradation, which this is all or part of the most diverse ecosystems.


Cláudio Jardim 09/09/2013

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