Monday, 12 August 2013

Levada do Rei (A Trail in São Jorge)

 The Levada do Rei begins in São Jorge after the Water Mill in the North Island, this Water Mill is a mandatory stop for locals and for tourists because it is the last mill of its kind on the island and has more than three hundred years of existence.
 Just above the Water Mill also has a  Water Saw which is running during the week and can also be visited by anyone who goes there.

 With respect to the path, it is very easy whit only a small slope in the initial part and then immediately plane of which always can be performed by whole families from 8 to 80 years.
 In the early part of the route we can see how some invasive species are competing directly with the stain of Lauros Forest existing there which is a shame as at risk as forest ancient as ours, but leaving that aside we have a great journey ahead in we can observe beautiful landscapes of our island.
 This is an area of ​​the Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO which has made this site to be increasingly special because walking a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is not the same as walking through any other site, respect the name imposes all who visit this area is commendable as it is noted that both the tourist as the locals are concerned with minimizing the maximum of its footprint there.
 Along the way we will pass by waterfalls, and a small tunnel about 5-6 meters long, also pass by a stream which is a natural barrier to invasive species that live there, because soon after the river that is situated halfway between Broken and Beautiful Ribeiro noted that we are in the heart of Lauros Forest, and that the forest is in perfect health.
 The arrival Ribeiro Bonito is granted with the heels of trout that are found in many lakes therein and often we can see the most courageous to take a few dives in deeper lakes.
 In the end it's time to go back and take photos with us many memories and collect some garbage that may be left over there by those who have a lower sensitivity and respect for the environment and the places they visit and they loved to visit.

By Claudio Jardim 08/12/2013

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