Tuesday, 20 August 2013

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Santana Madeira

 Well from a few moths until today we seen that a few times we have seen in many regional conferences, national or even international, Santana has been one of the main themes, it has much prestige its project despite being only the beginning of a long journey.
  For as covered here on our blog we have several paths some of which have already been addressed here such as:

  And on these trails and Levadas you can find magical places like waterfalls, ponds, great views over the huge stain Laurel Forest of Madeira, and you can watch many, many species endemic to the region from fauna or flora.

  But UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is not only that it takes into account the whole heritage of the region, namely the famous Houses of Santana, the traditional festivals such as the feast of compadres or 24 hours to dance, among others.
  The reserve also takes into account the attitudes contained in populations, local governments and local businesses on how to protect nature where they belong.

  Should you wish to know more about this reserve and the species and traditions Santana should go to the official site in http://santanamadeirabiosfera.com/pt/

Claudio Jardim 20/08/2013

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