Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wiki Pearls

 One day a Harvard professor thought he could imitate nature and create a package for different products, then began to put into practice the idea and so David Edwards created the Wiki Pearls.
  The idea is very interesting because, did you ever thought about the pollution we have when we eat an ice cream or a soda, yes it is a lot. We have packing, stick, tin, packet, among others. The Wiki Pearls created a "skin" which can involve ice cream, juice or even coffee so that when consuming products such waste is reduced to 0%, because they are generally consumed.

 At this time are already available such as Mango some ice cream on "skin" coconut, vanilla or "skin" peanut, among others, will appear soon on the market yogurt, coffee and cheese.
  An idea that in our view has great potential, but must be applied with care as there is not much information possible contamination of the "skin" by external agents such as bacteria, ie the application on large surfaces, such as supermarkets will always force a carton.

Claudio Garden 08/08/2013

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