Monday, 9 September 2013

The illusion of green jobs .

 European governments heard the talk of green jobs , and our government to say that Portugal will have in these green jobs a major evolution . Well let's see but one thing that both these jobs are spoken for the installation of renewable energy and not for their production , which leads to import these technologies and a large expenditure budget , which will once again in for another instead to rely on funds and loans .
 Would not it be better to invest in the production of such technologies ? How about supporting our universities ? They investigate and often with success which is not used. The production of solar panels for domestic demand its not good at this point , then why not encourage this industry ?
 We megalomaniac projects every year super dams , wind farms or massive solar farms , and all this with technology as they say , ie foreign technology , ie until we return to economic Portugal still there will many, many years .
 This is the time for Portugal to grow because we already have about two thirds of its energy in renewables , ie these so-called green jobs appear in the next 1/3 , but in fact are more indirect jobs related to construction and they will disappear as quickly as it will be created .
 They want to create the illusion that we are to become self - sufficient , but we have the notion that economically we are not, and this is also one of the pillars of sustainability .
 We need to have the notion that there are ways and ways of achieving a level of excellence and not always the fastest is the best because we have to protect future generations and several areas , we do not need to become the best in the world , but we need but to be among the most productive and the most environmentally conscious , the very European community should work as a whole at this area because only then justified European projects exist that lead us to a level of excellence worldwide .

Cláudio Jardim 09/09/2013

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