Monday, 2 September 2013

Selvagens Islands (does Spain will win)

Again today comes the public that Spain gave the UN a document requesting to be taken off the 350 nautical mile economic zone around these islands, because they want to extend its economic zone of the Canary Islands.

The reason for so much confusion.

  If this comes to pass, will soon return to Spain to try to get to these islands, as rumors of tests of oil exploration are some going around, and it is known that there are several scientific expeditions boats in that area of ​​the Atlantic.
  Unfortunately we are already known for their lost colonies, but these islands are not a colony, but are Portuguese territory and are an important natural reserve where nest several endemic species and subspecies, with great value for us while we are Portuguese.
  Already in 2009 tried later this year and last year tried to "regain Gibraltar," as will handle the situation just know in a few days when the UN comes to present its position on the request Spanish.

Cláudio Jardim 02/09/2013

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