Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Waste smART contest

 Economic growth and rampant consumption continue to generate large amounts of waste, whose reduction and prevention efforts must be made.
 Although they constitute an environmental, social and economic seriously, waste is increasingly seen as a resource, which requires recycling and recovery at the expense of traditional disposal.
It is in this framework that the European Environment Agency (EEA) is launching a challenge and invites you to share your views on waste in Europe, a new contest creativity, Waste • smART.
 Presents your ideas until September 30, 2013, by photography, comics or video. Winners will receive a cash prize and all finalists will have the opportunity to see your work promoted by SAA and its partners across Europe and.


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Natureza0 09/09/2013

Monday, 9 September 2013

The illusion of green jobs .

 European governments heard the talk of green jobs , and our government to say that Portugal will have in these green jobs a major evolution . Well let's see but one thing that both these jobs are spoken for the installation of renewable energy and not for their production , which leads to import these technologies and a large expenditure budget , which will once again in for another instead to rely on funds and loans .
 Would not it be better to invest in the production of such technologies ? How about supporting our universities ? They investigate and often with success which is not used. The production of solar panels for domestic demand its not good at this point , then why not encourage this industry ?
 We megalomaniac projects every year super dams , wind farms or massive solar farms , and all this with technology as they say , ie foreign technology , ie until we return to economic Portugal still there will many, many years .
 This is the time for Portugal to grow because we already have about two thirds of its energy in renewables , ie these so-called green jobs appear in the next 1/3 , but in fact are more indirect jobs related to construction and they will disappear as quickly as it will be created .
 They want to create the illusion that we are to become self - sufficient , but we have the notion that economically we are not, and this is also one of the pillars of sustainability .
 We need to have the notion that there are ways and ways of achieving a level of excellence and not always the fastest is the best because we have to protect future generations and several areas , we do not need to become the best in the world , but we need but to be among the most productive and the most environmentally conscious , the very European community should work as a whole at this area because only then justified European projects exist that lead us to a level of excellence worldwide .

Cláudio Jardim 09/09/2013


 I think many of us have never heard of this term, it is unusual because it is not yet used in our righteousness, justice or any European.
  A group of environmentalists has created a petition to gather one million signatures in order to be voted in Brussels that a law in which the ecocide term is a legal term in justice.
  So any large-scale anthropogenic impact on nature at least at European level, and which would be a big step for a worldwide application of the term as a legal concept.

From: on 03/09/2013 
  It would be a form of power blaming arsonists eg, companies that release pollutants into water columns, among others which will lead to greater protection of the environment throughout Europe, because the idea is to condemn any man-made ​​environmental degradation, which this is all or part of the most diverse ecosystems.


Cláudio Jardim 09/09/2013

Monday, 2 September 2013

Selvagens Islands (does Spain will win)

Again today comes the public that Spain gave the UN a document requesting to be taken off the 350 nautical mile economic zone around these islands, because they want to extend its economic zone of the Canary Islands.

The reason for so much confusion.

  If this comes to pass, will soon return to Spain to try to get to these islands, as rumors of tests of oil exploration are some going around, and it is known that there are several scientific expeditions boats in that area of ​​the Atlantic.
  Unfortunately we are already known for their lost colonies, but these islands are not a colony, but are Portuguese territory and are an important natural reserve where nest several endemic species and subspecies, with great value for us while we are Portuguese.
  Already in 2009 tried later this year and last year tried to "regain Gibraltar," as will handle the situation just know in a few days when the UN comes to present its position on the request Spanish.

Cláudio Jardim 02/09/2013