Tuesday, 2 July 2013

USA reduce the use of chimpanzees in medical research

Whit new scientific methods and technologies the use these animals become unnecessary.

The National Institute of Health of the United States announced that will significantly reduce the use of chimpanzees in federal scientific research. "These animals share 99 percent of our DNA" and thats wy they, "deserve special treatment." In the coming years it will be well taken 310 of the 360 ​​individuals that the state owns. The 50 left over will be used only in very specific cases and if there is no alternative.
The decision of the NIH was already expected for some time due to numerous group pressures to protect the rights of animals and after the publication of a study by the Institute of Medicine advising that the  research with primates, should be reduce.
"These animals have already given us so much. The new scientific methods and technologies become unnecessary the use off primates. " Said the Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, at a press conference.
This decision "marks the beginning of an era of compassion for these animals. Any biomedical study with chimpanzees want be allowed, only under strict conditions and it will be reviewed by a committee of experts. "
Despite this change in direction, the NIH has not accepted all the recommendations Institute of Medicine, one of which is the existence of a living space of 93 square meters for each animal.
Is not yet defined where will the chimps  will be now released. The NIH reported that some of them will join the 150 that are at the National Shrine of the organization Chimp Haven in northwestern Louisiana. According to an Act of the U.S. Congress, the chimps that are translated into a wildlife refuge can not be used again for investigation.

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