Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sustainable office is also economic!

 Around the world we have small, medium and large companies trying to cut costs in order to be able to control the global economic crisis which we live in for a few years, so a green output can be the solution to the costs of many of these companies.

I'll start by explaining to all of you what is a green office:
  • It is an ecological space where we use recycled paper, where the best use of the new technologies available in the space can be able to a reduction of paper using digital files instead of copies which often have a reduced life;
  • It is a space energetically controlled  where people concerns with energy costs and take into account during the day, such as at the end of the day, disconnecting all unnecessary equipment during break periods;
  • It is a space where the separation of waste is taken into account, and the waste of water is controlled by the employees or automatic devices;
  • It is also a space where the visual and audible and pollution caused by these environments is taken into account and indoor air quality also.

  The implementation of such measures is to create a more environmentally friendly  space, but also more economically viable space also, because if we think we can through small actions reduce the bills at the end of each month, we can be sure that any business man will be in favour of giving a small training about environmental education to is employees, and will also have a change in the attitudes of some of the work processes implemented in their companies.

  Small steps such as dual flush toilet, faucets with proximity sensor (or time controlled sensors), the use of LED lamps, luminaires use appropriate and clean often  also the use of energy-certified appliances, waste recycling, among many other small actions can reduce the bill later this month.

Claudio Jardim

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