Friday, 12 July 2013

Homeless people as guided tours operators

 Just this week I found myself with a friend and we talk about a little news that he had found in a national newspaper, but from little news it didnt had nothing because it´s a story with a great impact on the city and the lives of those that will play some roll in it and also a new opportunity of life.

  The city of Porto is about to have some new tour guides that will be nothing less than the homeless people who live in that city and which are linked to the project Welcome Home ( the idea begin when of the association and the Catholic University, get together for a project.

  The course in "Hospitality and Tourism Experience" will be given by the Catholic University and will primarily aim to train people that alredy have a great knowledge of the city and can use that same knowledge as a way of reintegrating these citizens and way to make the city more attractive to be visited by tourist.
 3 routes will be created which tour guides trained at the University IRAM go, thus showing the tourists that the city has to offer.

  An excellent idea that should be used by other cities in order to reintegrate its citizens.

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