Sunday, 28 July 2013

Today is World Day for Nature Conservation

 Today, July 28th is the World Day for Conservation of Nature, and since there is a lot of information about this day all over the internet, I will speak only what each of us as individuals and citizens can do to preserve the nature that surrounds us, for now, because if we continue with the call that progress, we will surround nature and not otherwise.

 Our day to day has a big impact on nature by our actions and they should be the first to be analyzed and self-criticism before we can make any kind of assessment on the actions of others. We all heard about recycling, better power management, better water management, but do we do our work? Or do we just wait for the newscast in order to see that measures have been taken to better manage these energies?
 Because regardless of what our governments do, everything starts and ends in each of us, because if measures were taken to better water management, it only has any effect if we, consumers, were careful with our own day to day use, whether in the shower or in the washing, watering the plants, maintenance of swimming pools, among other situations.

 When I say I would just give some advice to us people and citizens, these same counts were to be adopted by the same people who have positions of responsibility as the management of energy, water and waste management, as who many of us have gone through a garden of a hotel or a municipal garden and automatic irrigation system is turned on during a winter day in which it is raining, and unfortunately this situation goes up again and again for a year and another and another, thus increasing the consumption of drinking water to which each it is increasingly scarce throughout the world.

 I hope this day has the importance for what it is in and for each of us and that we can all think about our actions, so that we can fix what we can.
 Think that we call Mother Nature for some reason, because without it we, never ever existed

 Good Sunday to all

 Claudio Jardim 07/28/2013

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