Thursday, 18 July 2013

If the UN court ordered Japan is willing to change whaling program

It's not all bad news from Asia since just last month I spoke about the case of the tourists who took pictures with a dolphin instead of trying to help him.

Japan has indicated that it is available to make some changes in its program of whaling, this may be an important step in the protection of several species are still hunted by Japanese.

Remember that in 1986 Japan signed a treaty committing itself to stop whaling, but quickly resumed hunting again, so a year later returned to conduct whaling under the guise of being for scientific purposes, which leaves this reason many questions in the world, in which Australia is one of the most against, because it was Australia who in 2010 filed a complaint at the International Court of Justice (judicial organ of the UN).
  Hopefully this time whaling for commercial purposes will be shutdown because an average of 1600 animals per year captured by Japan for sure that is not just scientific purposes as justified.
  You can see the news, speaking specifically of the countries that still do whaling and more specifically about Japan.

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