Thursday, 1 August 2013

Monachus monachus in the Clube Naval do Funchal 01/08/2013

 Today during lunch time I was in the club swiiming and having lunch, and I just barely get out of the water it was sighted a monk seal (Monachus monachus) right there, around 30m from the land to feed.
 As published this week on our facebook page we advise not to try to interact with these animals because they are not aggressive, but we must always have in mind that they are not domesticated and they are wild animals that are in that territory for the purpose, to feed themselves, and therefore may have a natural behavior of territory defense.

Withdrawal -

 Below you can see the description of this species as given on the website of the Natural Park of Madeira, this entity which as done excellent work in the conservation of this species.

Description of the species

Originally its distribution area encompassed the entire Mediterranean basin, the Black Sea and the Atlantic, across the NW African coast from Senegal, and the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries. Currently, and due to the extinction of this species in most places, the monk seal is primarily in the Northeast of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic: Northwest African coast at Cape Blanco and the archipelago of Madeira .Where the area of distribution includes the Desert Islands and Madeira.

At birth have a woolly appearance, is black with a white patch cord. Is about 100 cm and weighing 15 to 20 kg with age and by the successive seedlings, the color will be changing and can vary from black to fawn showing generally a white spot in the stomach. Can reach 3 feet in length and reaching 350 Kg

Marine mammals that depend also on land to rest and play. Preferably use beaches inside the caves, probably to escape the persecution they suffered by the man. However in recent years reverted to occasionally open beaches.

They feed on fish, cephalopods and crustaceans, making it rather in the coastal zone. To do so, perform dips which can last for 15 minutes.

Usually go alone or in small groups becoming more gregarious during the breeding season. Females looking for a place to have it and monitor the pups during their first months of life. Males take this time to try, with greater success, acasalamento.Os births occur more frequently in October / November, although they may register throughout the year. The period of 9 months gestation round and refers to a single creates. The breastfeeding period can go up to four months. Sexual maturity is reached in females, as a rule, at 4 years.

By: Claudio Jardim 01/08/2013

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