Friday, 7 February 2014

Alerts are to take seriously!

 This video illustrates that it is not only in Portugal we have problems disregard for the warnings issued by government entities .
  This winter we have had " accidents " around the Portuguese mainland and the islands , and only because of one reason , the curiosity of people who want to take a picture or make a short film . And quite honestly these pictures and films are mostly for their own consumption , they should think before you move to flood zones or altered ocean because can be very very danger such an attitude .

 Stay home and watch the news , because the imaging professionals are trained to collect such pictures in safe places , because if we take a look incidents were just whit civil community and tourists , not imaging professionals of different  TVs and newspapers .
 The situation in the video above happened at Tramore Beach in County Waterford , Ireland , was whe a women distracted  walking her dog was " attacked " by the sea , according to The Guardian fortunately nothing bad happened to women or the poor animal that was there not from his free will for sure.

Cláudio Jardim 07/02/2014

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