Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Faial beach

Situated in Ribeira do Faial this beach offers excellent conditions for whom there goes, it has access to an area of catering, showers, first aid and a large sunbathing area.
  For children have a playground area and a small children's pool which is situated in the solarium to provide greater security to those same children.
  For grownups area offers a wide variety of activities, from a karting track a few feet above the beach and also an area with a skating rink and a skateboard park, with other sporting activities.

Geologically this area is greatly appreciated by those who visit it, because it presents a large area prismatic disjunctions.

The Ribeira do Faial, gives the idea of geological activity that happened on the island.

The view of the coastline of the island is stunning, something we can keep forever in our memories.

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