Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pico Ruivo

House of the Pico Ruivo, is one of the most emblematic sights of Madeira as it is the highest point of the island with an altitude of 1862 meters, so the third highest mountain of Portugal, is located in the municipality of Santana and not is so hard as we speak to go there, since access by the Achada Teixeira is very simple and with walking distance about 45 minutes to 1 hour away on the return to peak and 30 minutes to 45 minutes in return.
 Unfortunately, and despite being a short route with rest areas in the middle, if we leave a little of the rail can be seen that the entire area is with some junk in most toilet paper and other undesirable residues left in large part by the visitors of our small island and are often accompanied by mountain guides who also have a responsibility to warn all users of these tracks have a little more civility, civility we learned all this the same way and in the same language, ie education. They should be advised to use the services of the shelter at the end of the rail offered by those who work there every day and there is also to serve accordingly.
 But leaving aside these situations, access is very simple and with excellent access and without leaving any gap so that all people of all ages can perform the always taking into account the physical condition of each and the time it becomes experience on the way.
 Upon arriving at Pico Ruivo will have a 360 ° view on our island and will have the chance to choose various other routes, and the simpler the return by the same trail we used, and some of the other options are going to Pico do Ariero, Nuns Valley, Boaventura or Encumeada.
 I can tell you I've had the pleasure of doing them all and the most beautiful to me is the trail to the Boaventura.
 Enjoy well this weekend to meet the third highest mountain in the country ...... and be dazzled with Laurus forest of altitude.

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