Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Congratulations are in our first year

For it is on this day January 11, 2014 exactly one year since we put the first post announcing this new adventure , since then we have been putting many original texts , we created a page on Facebook and Google+ , and created a small application in which the Natureza0 have access to see everything we publish on the blog and on Facebook so they can keep up with increasing regularity .

 In numbers we can say we were very happy because we have over 19,000 visits and 155 blog posts , about 255 followers on Google+ and Facebook in 1800 , which for a amateur blog is not bad , this year we will try to duplicate these numbers coming 60,000 visits to the blog and 5000 followers on Facebook and Google+ , this will be our goal yet difficult to achieve. As to our continued partnership with the EU and the project " A world that pleases me with a climate like " being highlighted that were and continue to be the unique partnership of a European project of this blog , and maybe form new partnerships with new entities and employees , as well as seek any sponsor in order to make our blog a little more professional .

 We will try to make the number of authors of the posts on the blog is always growing with people connected to nature and the environment , whether they are professionals or lovers of nature , because we all have a different point of view and that difference is what the better have , because only by analyzing the various points of view can create valid theories in order to be able to put into practice . We will try to put some vlogs to create more interactivity . And we will continue to talk about the tracks and taken Madeira throughout this year always updating our mobile application .

Claudio Jardim 11/01/2014

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