Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A vision of what 2014 will be for us.

This will be the beginning of a new era mainly in Europe, as the EU budget is about 25 % of its budget earmarked for environmental projects by 2020 , which makes us see that even politicians have begun to give great importance to changes that are in front of us , and begin to take action never before seen in their budgets .

 This is the Year of Family Farming of the UN ( FAO ) , which will have a major impact within the various communities and countries, whether developed or developing countries . We will now watching the various initiatives throughout the year through our posts .

 Since we celebratory days during the year , as well as :
February 2 : World Wetlands Day
March 20 : Day of Agriculture
March 21: World Forest Day ( Day of the Tree )
March 22: World Water Day
23 March : World Meteorological Day
April 7 : World Health Day
April 22 : Earth Day
April 26 : Day of National Production
May 5 : World Day of Transit
May 22 : International Day of Biodiversity
May 24 : European Day of Natural Parks
June 5 : World Environment Day
June 8 : World Oceans Day
June 17 : World Day of the Fight against Desertification and Drought
July 11 : World Population Day
September 16 : International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
September 21 : International Day of Peace
September 22: European Car Free Day
September 27 : World Tourism Day
04 October : World Animal Day
16 October : World Food Day
17 October : World Day Against Poverty and Social Exclusion
24 October : United Nations Day
24 October : World Day of Development Information
November 8 : European Day of Healthy Food and Cooking
November 11 : International Day of Science and Peace
November 16th : Day of the Sea
November 24 : World Science Day
5 December : International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
December 10 : Day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

These days will be placed posts alluding to these dates and if possible activities will be held on the forest , on the sea , among others .

Claudio Jardim 12/02/2014

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