Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2013 the year we were born

Well starting at the beginning I had those days where we think, now that the new year has come what to do ... and that such a blog ? created and started the blog in January despite only appearing in March the first posts .
 Many of which were done by me , and attended lectures and papers presented , because we've been to many renowned events and brought me a big boost to write without stopping to try to reach everyone without any exception as it is in all of us the solution in order to avoid the talk presented at the IPCC this year , and do as we have done so far .... the turning of a back that is more embarrassing than anything to be intelligent species we say .

 I have to point out the post with the highest number of such visits were fires this year , they were too many and even told at the time that about 24 % of the number of hits the blog so far , which brings me some satisfaction and same time sad because I'm glad to have a high number of visits, but I am sorry that calls misfortunes or catastrophes are the most sought after and popular , even in these last months storms on the island of Madeira were the posts with the highest number of visits and comments . But a post that struck me was definitely the marine wolf that ran aground on the northern island of Madeira for many weeks and followed with great interest by us, and by all those who follow in spite of get the impression that the general public has any shame to put comments on posts as the number of emails received is far superior to collaboration on the blog itself or even on the facebook page , for example this week we had a picture taken by us during a tour of a spider tiger in which a follower asked what would be the kind, and after the response to this same withdrew his question .... dear no one is born taught and ask only shows interest and desire to learn and want to learn and even teach those who do not know, and we have and we will always be happy to answer your questions and also to be able to count on your opinion and collaboration , whether it be a small comment in like or even write a post so as to cooperate with us . We also had some criticisms and glad that they had been improving step by step this year .

 We thank all those who during the year have been mainly to help our most fervent collaborator Ms. Carla grinding wheel which has been a collaborator of maintaining a Facebook page and has been a very valuable contribution this month . Also Bruno Mendes for corrections of our texts and Vitor Sousa by editing the original image .
 Also thank all those who helped either by mail or by other means collaboration which has appeared from various Portuguese-speaking countries , as we have collaborations in Africa and the Americas from other European countries , which led us to conduct a partnership of great success with the European Union in the 3rd quarter of this year.

 We could talk a lot about everything that happened on the motivation and the lack thereof, but I can only say that this past year we are very motivated to continue and get new employees to the post of attendance is growing and increasingly with greater relevance .

 A Happy 2014 for all 

Claudio Jardim 29/12/2013

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